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Wrinkles / Fine Lines

Pigmentation / Age Spot

Eye Rejuvenation

Facial Sculpting

Fat / Weight Loss

Active Acne and Acne Scar

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with CO2 Fractional Laser


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Nd: YAG (1064nm) lasers can effectively remove pigmented lesions since the laser's wavelength is well absorbed by melanin. Difficult-to-treat pigment conditions such as melasma can also be treated without ablating the skin - also allows other treatment possibilities, such as the safe and effective removal of multi-colored tattoos. Although in some cases, gentle skin ablation may be required, such as when removing moles and keratosis.

Multiple pulse high energy lasers cannot reach and effectively treat underlying pigments in multi-layer professional tattoos due to the optical shielding effect.

Short, single nanosecond pulses are capable of successfully removing tattoos without causing significant damage to the skin. They avoid the optical shield phenomenon during pigment destruction.